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These are the best workout pants you’ve ever seen. They instantly enhance your body and shape your figure. These leggings are a hit on TikTok. They give the illusion of a round, perky butt thanks to their stretch fabric and butt crunch. You will be a celebrity at any event, from the gym to Instagram, and you’ll get more attention if you wear them. The viral TikTok leggings are here!

What are TikTok leggings?

These leggings, popularized on TikTok, are designed to highlight your back and create a larger figure. These leggings became a big trend on TikTok and popularized on other platforms. You can choose from many scrunch bump leggings that will do wonders for your bottom. These workout pants are unique because of their honeycomb fabric. This hides cellulite and creates an illusion of a lifted back. The V-shaped waist is similar to a thong and cinches in the waist. This activewear can be worn anywhere, from the gym to an Instagram photoshoot.

Who is the inventor of TikTok leggings?

Although there’s no proof of the origin of these leggings (or who made them), Lauren Wolfe from TikToker shared a video in which she wore them, and it became a viral sensation. She famously stated in this video that her back looks different without the pants. They have been a huge success since then. The butt scrunch pants are now available online in various designs and colors.

Are TikTok leggings good for your butt?

These leggings are designed to give the appearance of a lifted, sculpted back, thanks to their features. Honeycomb fabric smoothens skin and conceals cellulite, lumps and bumps. The texture material makes your bum appear fuller and more substantial. The added scrunch enhances your peachy shape at the butt crack. Although it doesn’t lift anything, your eyes will be drawn to the ruched fabric, which gives the appearance of a raised lower. These aren’t magic bullets, so it is good to have a rounder back. The clever design will make you look more toned and energized.

Are TikTok leggings comfortable?

Thanks to the elastic waistband and plenty of stretches, these pants are comfortable for most people. This will depend on which type of pants you choose, as certain qualities are better than others. Lycra, or a spandex mix, offers greater flexibility and more surface area. If you plan to exercise, it’s a good idea not to see through the pair. A wide V-shaped waistband that cinches and sucks in your waist will give you maximum comfort.

Are you able to exercise in TikTok leggings?

Although TikTok leggings can be worn to show off your derriere, they are also great for workouts. It’s important to choose a durable, thicker fabric that is flexible and stretches well. Users have reported that the pants can tear during exercise if they are subject to squats or lunges. Before committing to buying, make sure you read reviews and look at reputable brands.

KTGIREM Butt Scrunch Leggings

These leggings are made with honeycomb fabric and have a thick waistband. They will perfectly shape your back. You can mix and match your existing workout gear by purchasing this set in two colors. The butt has a subtle seam running down the middle, creating a curved and exaggerated behind. It is extremely stretchy, so you can easily squat and run. They are also high-waisted and will not suck in your stomach, giving you comfort for day-to-day wear.

GILLYA Butt Scrunch Leggings

These butt scrunch leggings are the best for ultimate lift. These leggings will lift your butt and give you a boost with their waffle fabric and high waist. It is very flattering in gray and can be matched with many other clothes, so it’s easy to wear whenever you want. The fabric is extremely stretchy and smooth, hiding lumps and bumps. It shapes your body like a peach.

A AGROSTE TikTok Leggings

As seen on TikTok, these leggings are designed to shape your butt like no other. Thanks to their stretchy, textured fabric, these leggings feel more like a second skin than the rest. The honeycomb fabric lifts and shapes your behind, giving it a lively look that allows you to move freely. You can also squat and run in the four-way stretch, which is great for taking selfies or working out at the gym.

Chriamille TikTok Leggings

These leggings are perfect for anyone who is a yoga enthusiast or wants to relax at home. These leggings feature the TikTok textured fabric, which gives your body that extra lift. The tummy-sucking waistband creates the illusion of a larger behind and helps prevent any excess weight as you lift and squat during your workout. It comes in various colors, so it’s the perfect companion for your gym sessions.

Danish Butt Scrunch Leggings

These leggings will make you the celebrity of your dreams. These leggings are a hit on TikTok and will make you viral. It feels almost like nothing, thanks to the four-way stretch. The butt scrunch will draw attention to your back, while the high waistband elevates your silhouette for the perfect shape. The handy pocket at the front makes it easy to store your phone while you exercise.

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