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It takes time and effort to lift and shape your booty. There are many methods to achieve an hourglass shape, including squats and lunges, spin classes, and classic cardio. The best way to show off your curves is by choosing the right clothing. These pants have a ruched seam running down the middle, giving the illusion of tighter and more round legs. This activewear is still very popular. It’s flattering, fashionable, and comfortable. These leggings have been a hit for years. Here are some tips to help you find the right pair.


These A Agroste scrunch-bum leggings will make you feel great and allow you to exercise for hours. These pants are perfect for gym sessions and can be worn squat-proof. These pants can be worn at brunch with your partner or on a date. The honeycomb design is extremely flattering, and the ruched center lifts the back for a natural look.


These scrunch bum pants will help you feel confident going to the gym. This stretchy spandex and polyester blend gives you maximum support for your back and keeps you comfortable while you exercise. High waistbands flatter all body types and slim your waist. This workout gear can be used for dancing, squats, or taking selfies.


These leggings will make a bold statement on your next run. The ruched center gives you perfect shape and tummy control. It is ideal for all seasons, as the textured design helps to prevent chafing between your thighs. It’s flexible and secure enough to do squats and weight lifting.

Running Girl Store

These Running Girl scrunched bum leggings will flatter your figure and lift your back. The seamless design offers you control over your body and is extremely comfortable. The supportive, high waistband gives you comfort while working out or taking selfies.


These leggings will make your back look great when you work out. The leggings’ scrunched seam shapes your bum and prevents chafing between your legs. The secure waistband provides protection and comfort to do yoga, squats or light cardio with no worries.


Season leggings will make you look great while you exercise. This everyday style is great for running errands or doing yoga. You can squat and lift weights with the stretchy fabric, while the high waistband secures you at all times. The honeycomb texture makes you look great and is extremely flattering. You can match the black color with almost any outfit or choose a brighter or pastel hue for a more trendy look.


These gorgeous leggings are perfect for showing off your best features. This form-flattering design enhances your curves while lifting your butt for the ideal shape. These are great for cardio, yoga, cycling, and even a casual lunch date. This activewear can be worn with a crop top or sports bra and an oversized sweater. It is perfect for any occasion and extremely comfortable.


These scrunch bum pants will make you feel more comfortable while running. The spandex fabric is extremely stretchy, and the riched design lifts your behind to give you the perfect shape. You can exercise in comfort and style because the fabric wicks away sweat. This will become your favorite piece of exercise gear.


These cute booty shorts will help shape your back. The ruching will define you more in the middle. The thick fabric won’t show through, so you can do squats, lift weights, and even go on a bike ride with no worries. The soft waistband flattens your stomach and looks great with any activewear. Show off your great body!


These leggings are great for enhancing your glutes. The ruched material at the center and four-way stretchy fabric make it suitable for all shapes. It is suitable for all types of exercise because it is moisture-wicking. It is so slim. It feels like a second skin. You will feel amazing as soon as they are on.

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